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  1. Larry Land Lord
    Larry Land Lord
    shout out to my only follower REVORDRAGON BABYYY
    1. Dolfuss
      ALL HAIL!
      Jan 15, 2018 at 3:13 AM
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  2. Larry Land Lord
    Larry Land Lord
    not really but if you have questions make sure you send em before wednesday :O :D :) ;)
  3. Larry Land Lord
    Larry Land Lord
  4. FlenderSolas
  5. Farlun
  6. Nechrom
  7. Benji
  8. Larry Land Lord
  9. SindriMyr
    I am alive
  10. Farlun
    Happy new year lewders!
  11. WhiteMage
    WhiteMage Benji
    email for my indiegogo was invalid, so i didn't get the pictures even though i was a backer, could you send them again?
  12. Larry Land Lord
    Larry Land Lord
    message me if theres any questions you want me to ask tomorrow :)
    1. Dolfuss
      "What three signs signal the approach of the Larry Land Lord?"
      Dec 27, 2017
  13. Nechrom
    The Last Jedi was the busiest movie I think I have ever seen. Liked a lot of the isolated stuff in there, but what a jumble of events.
  14. Farlun
    It's a love it or hate it thing and I'm conflicted because I feel both of those emotions equaly.
  15. Farlun
    Just saw The Last Jedi. Still can't get over this movie. What the fuck. I hated it, it's a mess. I loved it and it destroyed Star Wars.
  16. Larry Land Lord
    Larry Land Lord
    random question thread 15 was posted just wait for benji
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  17. NizzJipple
    #NetNeutrality Please call Congress and the FCC to let them know you support a free internet. Congress: 202-224-3121 FCC: 1-888-225-5322
  18. NizzJipple
    Happy spook day!
  19. Farlun
  20. Passerby