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Forum Rules

Please note that these rules are a work in progress, and are subject to change as our community grows, but they should be abided by regardless. Failure to comply with these rules may result in action taken against a user's account. If you see someone breaking the rules, do not engage them - use the report function instead.

General Conduct:

- Respect other users; harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. Harassment includes, but is not limited to: insults, slander, call-outs, baiting, flaming, discrimination, etc.

- Please keep all discussions civil, even if you disagree!

- If you have personal beef with a user, or would simply rather not see their posts; you may use the ignore function to hide their posts.

Posting Guidelines:

- Given the adult-oriented nature of our project, you must be 18+ or older to register an account.

- Only create ONE account. If you have a problem accessing or using your account, please email us, or post in our designated Support Section.

- NSFW material should be posted behind a link, and marked as such. Please do not post material that is illegal within the United States of America; such as child pornography (of any nature, drawn or not), and depictions of extreme violence, gore, and bestiality. Encouragement or admittance of illegal activities will not be tolerated either.

- Follow subforum rules. Some of our subforums have exemptions or exceptions to these rules, but not to worry; they will be posted in a stickied thread under their respective subforum.

- Do not spam or post low content to increase your post count.

- Use existing threads instead of making new ones to keep everything nice and tidy. Bumping an old thread is allowed so long as it is on topic.

Avatars and Signatures:

- Avatars and Signatures must be at least PG13. Inflammatory or offensive material within either of these will be removed, and possibly result in warning or administrative action against your account depending on severity. If you are unsure if your avatar or signature complies with our rules, please do not hesitate to contact us!

- Signatures should be kept to a reasonable size, and they should not stretch the page.
- Do not use avatars or signatures that are seizure-inducing (rapidly flashing or rapidly changing colours).

Reporting, Warnings, Bans, and Appeals:

- Attempting to circumvent a temporary suspension will lead to a permanent ban. Whether this is attempted through registering under a non-banned name, changing IP addresses or e-mail addresses to get around an IP/e-mail ban, and so on.

- If you feel that the action taken against your account was excessive or unjust, please send us an appeal e-mail to the following address: support[at]carnalsouls[dot]com

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