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Fetishes that deserve more attention.

Discussion in 'General Carnal Souls Discussion' started by GuyWhoLurks, Feb 3, 2018.

  1. Dolfuss

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    Aug 10, 2016
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    Preach it, brutha. I stumbled on DBZ about when Nappa and Vegeta hit Earth and mistook it for a sci-fi war drama, then gave up after the Namek arc because it took so. fucking. long. to advance the damn plot. When I discovered the original Dragon Ball in the tail of the 00's it took me a moment to convince myself these were the same characters, it felt so different. And I loved it.

    Of course, if not for DBZ, we wouldn't have got DBZA...
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  2. GreenSleeves

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    Apr 7, 2016
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    I wouldn't rank the fetishes below super high on my list of Yups, but (for some reason) I was having a think about them recently and I believe they could be slotted into the CS world without conflicting with the currently available Lore. And, as far as I'm aware, they're somewhat niche and therefore fall under the umbrella of deserving more attention.
    Those fetishes are:
    • Male lactation - Exactly what it sounds like. Men producing milk from their nipples. Actual breasts not required. (That's something else; see third bullet.)
    • Udder nuts - Basically, a scrotum with teats. Or an udder where a scrotum would be. Related to both above and below.
    • Busty boys - Boys with boobs! Some art styles can make this difficult to distinguish from futa, but it's its own thing. Benji may or may not be into this ;)
    So, what Lore-friendly way could these three fit in on Luud?
    Why, amongst the boven, of course!

    Now, the way all three fit is rather entangled so I'm going to be jumping around a little, but I'll try to keep things coherent.

    Okay, so the boven are known for their milk, and it sounds like females of the species produce the stuff near constantly. That's not how it works with real-world cows. Cows produce milk near to and after giving birth, and then are artificially inseminated mere months later to keep things flowing. And they only last as dairy cows for a few years.

    However! Dairy goats are well-known to be able to produce milk for far longer after giving birth. Further, some goats from lines of particularly heavy milk producers can develop "precocious udders", which means they start giving milk without ever having to become pregnant first.

    Obviously I'm not suggesting swapping out the boven for a race of goat people. That would be silly. But, since this one goat trait appears in the boven already, a few related traits could feasibly make their way over as well.

    Back to those very productive goat lines and their precocious udders. Less commonly, but still far from unheard of, are males who develop udders. Sometimes those udders are even "precocious" and give milk.

    So! Translate the male goat's udders to the anthro form's breasts and you have busty boys!
    Take the milk production over (with or without actual udders) and you get male lactation (with or without actual breasts).
    That just leaves udder nuts.

    Well, boven females have udders as well as breasts. And all male mammals have nipples. Bull nipples (or teats) just happen to be present on the scrotum. Translating a male goat's udder to a bull's nipple placement gives you udder nuts, with the possibility of milk.

    But if both male and female boven could produce milk, that would still probably upset what we know of their culture, wouldn't it? Yeah, probably at least a little. Luckily, I have a potential fix.

    Boven milk is well known for its superior taste. I haven't found anything solid about this (not that I looked particularly hard) but it was suggested that male goat milk would taste different than that from a female. So perhaps male boven milk wouldn't be of the same quality as a female's.

    This could possibly result in milky males being seen as shameful. Hidden away by their families, or even sent away, shunned.

    Or, my preferred choice, milky males could be desirable for what they represent rather than their actual ability to produce. "If that family's son is producing that much milk, just imagine how much their daughters can make!" Or "Yes, it's a shame they didn't have any daughters of their own, but judging by how wet their sons' shirts always are, their granddaughters are going to be great producers."

    Or a combination of the two. A cultural shift, where once milk boys were a source of shame but are becoming more accepted.

    And let's be real. There'd probably be a niche market for male milk anyway. There's a niche market for everything.
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