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Question Thread 100: Barcroft Returns - The 100th Edition

Discussion in 'General Carnal Souls Discussion' started by Larry Land Lord, Aug 26, 2019.


sci-fi character creation part 6: reputation

  1. your a well known mercenary

  2. your a galaxy renowned hero

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  3. your choice, respond

  4. millions across the galaxy cower at the mention of your name

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  5. your deeds are a complete rumor, known by some but believed by few.

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  6. you are known to be a complete screw up

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  7. your a universal pornstar

  8. your sex life has gotten you a randy reputation without even broadcasting anything

  9. not much is known about you, but people know your a good person.

  10. not much is known about you, but people know your a bad person.

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  1. Larry Land Lord

    Larry Land Lord Well-Known Member Member

    Jan 7, 2017
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    to celebrate question thread 100, the educational video today will be a barcroft video, as the scrolls foretold. and, strap up cause theres a lot of questions in this one :) make sure to read everything too

    but, since some of you have been hurt by barcroft in the past
    bonus educational video

    now let us answer questions as the prophecies have foretold

    1. thoughts on educational videos?
    -if you watched the barcroft video, what are your thoughts on "barbies"?

    2. would you rather be a werewolf or a vampire?
    -how would you sexify werewolves and vampires?

    3. what is a sex act/position you want to see in carnal souls?
    3.5 furthermore, what kind of character would you like to see with that scene?
    4. what kind of characters do you hope to see overall? how would you make characters interesting?

    5. its a cold night, your home alone and its 3 AM. you just got done polishing your beautiful bright red boots and your about to head to the shower. then, just as you enter the corridor you see a pure black figure at the end of the hall. a beautiful voice speaks to you
    wildrosey: if you had to design a one off tf that was moderately difficult to get yet satisfying to use, what would you think of? make sure you include a perk to go with it.

    6. when can lying be a good thing?

    7: answer true or false (T or F if you like)
    benji is beautiful
    oxford university is older than the aztec empire
    you can from north korea to norway by crossing one other country
    nintendo was founded in 1889
    question threads are amazing

    8. respond to one of the answers from the post above you, if the op is above you, post an interesting fact about yourself :)

    9. what is a game you look forward to?
    -what is a nsfw game you look forward to?

    10. how would you design a goddess of sex?
    -would she be futa? would she be preg? would those be separate entities?

    11. who is a character OR person you think is super hot?

    what should the next character creation poll question be?

    include a picture in your response to celebrate :) doesnt have to be nsfw
    skyrim................. tiddies

    thank you for sticking with these threads for so long ;) even though you guys dont respond sometimes, i appreciate all of you
    heres to another 100 >:) we cannot let this forum die, i won't let it
  2. GreenSleeves

    GreenSleeves Active Member Member

    Apr 7, 2016
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    Oh man, I'm only gonna answer one question because I can already tell I'm gonna get out of hand with it.
    This really depends on which version of each creature you're talking about.
    Because at this point, the two have so many competing depictions that the words are both simultaneously archetypal and practically meaningless.

    Ask anyone to describe a vampire. What'll they say?
    Probably something like "undead, drinks blood, burns in the sun"
    Okay, well Dracula? The vampire everyone knows?
    Doesn't burn in the sun. Sunlight inconveniences him by removing some of his powers.
    Except at high noon, a time one would think would be even worse for vampires, when actually all his powers work just fine. For some reason.

    Take a look at this wikipedia page.
    There have been so many different kinds of vampires in folklore and fiction that it takes five very large spreadsheets to categorize all their varying powers and weaknesses and many other factors.
    And there's almost definitely some that were missed.
    Because look at this other page.
    It's a list of folkloric vampires, and it just goes on and on.

    The Twilight books are often mocked (I haven't read them, can't comment) and one thing in particular that's ridiculed is the fact that Twilight vampires are sparkly in sunlight. But, like, why is that so much harder to swallow than a creature with an upper body that separates from its legs at night, grows wings, and flies around looking for sleeping pregnant ladies so it can suck their fetus' blood with their mosquito tongues?
    (That's the manananggal, btw)

    So maybe you might say the manananggal doesn't count. It's too far removed from "actual" vampires.
    But qualifying what an "actual vampire" is is just making arbitrary lines in the sand. And, as seen above, those lines often eliminate examples that one otherwise wouldn't exclude. If vampires have to burn in the sun then big papa Dracula isn't a vampire, even though of course he is.

    It kinda seems like I'm leaving werewolves out of it, but really, all the points from above would basically be the same. Plus, wikipedia doesn't seem to have spreadsheet goodness about werewolves (and I'm not really researching so I don't care about finding other sources).

    But to make a good show of it...
    Sometimes werewolves are hurt by silver, sometimes by wolfsbane, sometimes by mountain ash
    Sometimes the transformation is voluntary, sometimes involuntary
    The transformation itself varies wildly. Sideburns, fangs, claws. Anthro wolf. Actual wolf. Actual wolf with no tail.
    No memory of time as a wolf vs full memory.

    You get the picture.

    And I guess I should note that this could all really be said of almost any mythical or folkloric creature, but it seems especially true of these two.
    And dragons. And elves.
    And trolls.

    (But to actually answer the question anyway... Even though I tend to prefer werewolves as I kind of hate vampires for the same kinds of reasons I kind of hate elves and Superman, I'd generally rather be a vampire because, well, I'd rather be a super-powered humanish thing than a cursed wild animal thing.)
  3. Nechrom

    Nechrom Well-Known Member Member

    Apr 7, 2016
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    So for my character's reputation, without going too much into detail. She's a self-employed work-by-commission bionics designer and engineer. Well known within those circles and considered one of, if not, the best custom bionics engineer in the known universe. Famous for the quality of her work, seamless adaptation of her bionics and their realistic look and feel.

    If you can find creators of "educational" material that you enjoy, who also does a decent job of researching the subject, they can be both informative, interesting and entertaining.

    Tough question. Both have very clear advantages and drawbacks.
    I'd have to probably go with vampire though. They have pretty well defined limits, but outside of those situations they can be very powerful. Werewolves on the other hand are for the most part just normal humans until they transform. An advantage in adaptability, but also limiting in where they can actually apply their "power".
    Also I'm a sucker for the no aging perk.

    Aren't they pretty sexy by default? I mean, you could definitely do it the wrong way, like in Twilight.
    Since they are both based on humans, I think it's very straight forward. Vampires have the whole mind control and feeding on human victims, which can easily turn lewd.
    Werewolves are basically furry material through and through. Pretty self explanatory.

    Frotting. You don't see it nearly often enough.

    As a sucker for futa, a futa on futa scene would fit me perfectly. Instead of dom/sub interaction, it could be between two strong willed characters trying to both be the dominant party.

    Most of all I hope that characters are fleshed out and have a well defined place in the world.
    I like character that are good at what they do, not necessarily martial skill, but whatever is their job or purpose. They could for example be a clumsy waitress, but still be really good at it due to their disarming and/or pleasant personality. Even someone not really good at their job could have a hobby or other side interest that is their "true calling" so to say.
    But there are so many parts of a character that can make it interesting and rewarding to interact with, there are very few hard rules.

    Echolocation could be a very useful tool not just in actively navigating when visibility is bad, but also in accurately pinpointing direction and distance to sources of sound.
    A bit of Daredevil's seeing without seeing and a bit of Spiderman's danger sense.
    Hard to get snuck up on and immunity to blinding effects.

    When revealing your actual opinion is not as important as keeping the other person happy.

    True. I can't say I've seen how he looks, but I've gotten enough peaks into his mind.

    @GreenSleeves entire post.

    I mean, obviously there are going to be variations on mythological creatures especially if they are present in more or less global lore.
    Vampires still have some pretty basic definitions when they appear in popular culture. Human-based, drinks blood or otherwise sucks life force for sustenance, allergic in some way to sunlight, piercing the heart kills/paralyzes them, stronger than humans and doesn't age.
    Then we have all the extra optional stuff like: allergic to garlic, repelled by crosses, has no reflection, needs to be invited to enter a home, doesn't have a pulse, can turn into a bat/cloud of bats etc etc.
    Also, Alucard from the Hellsing manga can summon all the people he has killed. We can't include all the creative liberties that authors indulge in. ;)

    The Outer Worlds
    Too easy. Carnal Souls of course.
    If that's cheating then Dizzy Hearts.

    Like a literal goddess?
    Looks wise she could be just classically beautiful or vulgarly over sexualized depending on the kind of goddess she is.
    I would probably go for a more classical angelic look with exaggerated sexual features. Mindset wise I'd like her to make sex safe and universally pleasurable. I imagine a powerful goddess of sex in a pantheon of gods would have more influence over the world so that sex has little to no drawbacks.

    Futa? Possibly, if there is no god of sex. Not preg since sex isn't exclusively for procreation, that would be the goddess of fertility.

    I have a hard time falling for characters in media, maybe that's what pushes me to create my own.

    Background perhaps?

    Have a cute destroyer in the form of Acasta.

    Thanks Larry for keeping the threads alive through thick and thin. They remain something I look forward to each week even if I occasionally miss some.
  4. Larry Land Lord

    Larry Land Lord Well-Known Member Member

    Jan 7, 2017
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    i honestly dont know what to say to any of this, but this was interesting to read lol. thanks for the vampire werwolf history lesson

    whoever responds under me just reply to nechroms :)
    i'd have to pick werewolves, i'd rather not be immortal.
    i like the way you think

    surprisingly oxford u actually is older than the aztec empire, according to google
    hopefully no one reads this before doing questions lol
    nintendo actually was founded in 1889 :)
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  5. Nechrom

    Nechrom Well-Known Member Member

    Apr 7, 2016
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    The age of the Oxford University doesn't surprise me, but I had imagined the Aztec Empire as much older than it actually is.

    Learning something new.
    I wasn't sure, as it sounded plausible.
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  6. GreenSleeves

    GreenSleeves Active Member Member

    Apr 7, 2016
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    I'm realizing I could have just dropped these two tv tropes links and accomplished pretty much what my big dumb ramble did so as penance I will answer another question.

    I have to wholeheartedly agree! Frotting content is shamefully lacking in basically everything.
    (I guess this also counts as a response to question 8)

    But for the sake of giving an original answer, let's go wiiiith... bukkake.

    For frotting:
    A male NPC develops feelings for a male PC, but is just super not into even the idea of anal. So the player introduces him to frotting and the NPC's mind is blown.
    Whenever someone talks about gay sex, it's always pitchers and catchers, tops and bottoms, givers and receivers, so poor little sheltered NPC just had no idea on what he was missing.

    For bukkake:
    If a party system happens, it'd be fun to beat a boss character with your bros and then you all splooge all over him. Then high five each other. Like bros.
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  7. Atomicbob

    Atomicbob Well-Known Member Member

    Nov 24, 2016
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    I can understand why that guy left banking to run a store; as his wife said, it was consuming too much of his time and life. That being said, since he does have a lot of experience in finance, he's probably running the store really well!
    As for 'barbies'... the idea of someone doing that much plastic surgery on themselves weirds me out, so I didn't watch it. Sorry, Larry.

    Werewolf, no question. Being able to turn into a big, hunky wolf-man would be pretty awesome! Hopefully I'd have some control over it, otherwise that'd kinda kill the fun for me. D:
    In addition to the big, canine genitals? More nipples. I know for a fact that female wolves have multiple sets of nipples, and it's a rare sight to see lady werewolves drawn with multiple sets of breasts. Go ahead and throw more nipples on male werewolves too, just to be thorough. ;)

    Something to do with lactation play would be pretty neat, in my humble opinion. Who doesn't love a quick drink in the middle of sexy times?
    A cow/goat-morph, or another person with more than one pair of breasts, or an udder. Drink up!

    Characters that fit into the world, and whom serve to enhance the experience and immersion. Well-written characters are quite rare in porn-games, I've found. I have faith that Benji his team will knock it out of the park in that respect. <3

    A ghost-themed TF (that maybe served as an add-on to existing TFs and character species), that allowed you to possess enemies, allies, and other folks in between. This ability might come as a result of a quest-chain involving some spooky magic or somesuch, and your character walks away from that quest more ghostly than before. Being able to possess others may serve other purposes aside from lewd fun and gags: in combat, it could be used to force a foe to fight against their fellows, or even attempt to arouse themselves. Perhaps you might also hold onto a possessed character for a bit longer than a single fight, and adventure a little bit while in someone (or something) else's shoes.

    When the truth would hurt far more than ignorance, or for the sake of preserving a surprise (christmas gifts, etc).

    True. Kiss kiss. '3'

    It really is, and it is great when it does pop up. I can't remember where I saw it, but there was an excellent bit of frotting art that involved one of the fellas involved having a hemipenis, and the other guy stickin his dick in between them. It was something special...

    I'm really looking forward to Halo: Infinite, but I'm irritated that they STILL haven't shown anything off for it. :mad:
    As for nsfw games, Carnal Souls obviously. I've played the other popular games quite a bit (with the exception of CoC2 because its still in development), and I'm hoping that CS is going to be the game that comes along and shakes the genre up a bit for the better. :)

    It'd be a god/goddess who's appearance changes to reflect what the individual finds sexy. Perhaps this god may also have a regular form they take as well; an androgynous form that everyone can appreciate.

    Garrus from Mass Effect. I love his voice, his attitude, how effective he is in combat, and how much of an awkward dork he is when you're romancing him. I'm quite certain that he's the character that first made me question my sexuality. Also, it is a TRAVESTY that you couldn't have a proper bromance with him as a male Shepherd.
    An honorable shoutout to Tali from the series, too. I love her as much as Garrus.

    Something about equipment, what kind of ship your character uses, or companions.


    Thank you, Larry, and here's to 100 more threads! I love you all 3000.
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  8. WildRosey

    WildRosey Member Member

    Apr 27, 2019
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    Sounds pretty damn fun(candy store).

    They're interesting. They set some pretty high standards, but they're so popular. Kind of sucks that they're popular for that reason.

    Hard choice. They're both really cool. I think I'd rather be a vampire though. Be nice to be immortal and such

    I think I'd like to see the mating press more often? It's not even that much of an interesting position to me, but it's good depending on the character. There's just not enough mating presses in TiTs and the likes.

    Hm... I suppose, as long as it makes the receiver go wild, that's all that matters. Any character could very well work? I don't really think a MILF in mating press would be that interesting? Actually, I think there's different aspects depending on characters. I'm confused now...

    I just want to see more characters that compel people to have multiple saves. I want NPCs that have interactivity outside of sex that will affect them in-game in ways outside of sex. I want more NPCs that can use TFs.

    wowee, that's me. Really, any tf could be moderately difficult to get. Just depends on what's rare. I'm thinking of some kind of "demon's eye" TF that involves killing a demon firsthand. You use the eye to make some kind of potion, and when it's drunk, the user can see demonic things. Relatively simple, there would be a certain fire found in the eyes of the user after that.

    In the realm of morality, lying is a grey area. In the end, you are playing a game when you lie, but if I identified as a utilitarian, if I deemed it reasonable in the realm that lying would make things better than if I told the truth, I would lie. In this case, lying is a good thing because it produces more happiness. In the end, you are still deceiving someone and if they find out, you're fucked.

    true? I think. If you can avoid China.

    yes very true!


    That answer about the ghost tf sounds quite familiar. ;)
    The quest-chain is a great idea for the tf, but I wonder how easy it would be to incorporate this possession ability into combat, NPC interaction, and sex interaction. There's a lot to consider. Frankly, being a ghost who can possess is quite powerful. I think it would function more easily as its own separate game, but it does sound like a great inclusion in a game like Carnal Souls.

    It's tough to think about what I'm really excited for. I really hope that Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord will come out at some point in the future... Also, Vampire the Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 looks fun.

    On the NSFW side, I hope I can play Carnal Souls soon. Huniepop is something I'm pretty excited for, but I have little faith in it right now not because of production, but just the dev himself.

    Definitely, a futa. I really like Bob's idea of the sex goddess. Also, I would definitely not connect pregnancy to a deity of sexuality. I don't thi9nk fertility should automatically be connected to sex. This is an erotic game, but moreso, I feel like having the sex goddess also be the fertility goddess just wouldn't function in the manner its supposed to when people in many societies of erotic text games tend to have sex to have sex, and not for reproduction. On the fetishistic side, pregnancy is often a focus during sex, but this is why I think pregnancy/fertility should be separate.

    Anyway, it would be interesting to change up the typical functions of the sex deity. Perhaps, the god of fetishes is the kinky one, and the sex deity just made sex and left it alone.

    A lot of characters. It's tough to think about right now, but on the top of my head, Shizuo Heiwajima from DRRR!!!



    good tiddies

    good doggo. I quite enjoy these threads. It's a great way to pass time on these forums and have some semblance of activity. Always looking forward to questions. :)
    [COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.87)][/COLOR][/QUOTE]
  9. Larry Land Lord

    Larry Land Lord Well-Known Member Member

    Jan 7, 2017
    Likes Received:
    i just think its weird how they use the term barbies despite not looking anything like barbies
    maybe its just a nice way to not say bimbo
    i put 2 videos cause i know you dont like barcroft surgery vids lol
    i agree to all of this so heavily i must say that i agree
    what is that?
    there are a lot of those
    are there any specific ones u want to see?
    what else can i ask about companions?
  10. Dolfuss

    Dolfuss Well-Known Member Member

    Aug 10, 2016
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    I went with "other" as I figured I'm prestigious enough within my career to be in a position for Space Adventures, but not a household name within the general public.

    1. "Life is like Larry's playlist. You never know what you're gonna get." ;)
    I don't think I've seen a single one of these "Hooked on the Look" vids that hasn't made me hella depressed. :( Besides, if you want to be plastic, just keep on existing. On the tangential plus side, all that Nordic accent reminds me I should scrounge up Okkupert Season 2. :^)

    I once met a guy in a restaurant who'd recently quit the finance department to become a bus driver because the work felt more rewarding, so I can totally get where he's coming from. :cool: Also consider that Nassim Nicholas Taleb quit his job as a successful London banker after realizing his whole career was basically nothing but a lucky streak to become a freelance philosopher.

    As to the third, 1) That is not what Barbie looks like, 2) At least this time she's not cutting out her ribs, and 3) No-one should ever be trying to model themselves on an anatomically-disproportionate toy. Soz Larry, bimbo lips are [shivers] at the best of times, and IRL they're even more unsettling.

    2. If you seriously need me to answer this, you haven't been paying attention. ;) That said,
    Meanwhile, I'd rather be a super-powered animal thing than a cursed wild humanish thing. :p

    As to the second, besides seconding Bob above, bump the theme from blood and bites to... other bodily fluids.

    "By the way, can I get my dogs back?"

    3. Double helix intercourse. Basically, two herms (vaginally) penetrate each other at the same time. It's tricky to pull off since unless you've got a prehensile penis à la LT, the 'easiest' way to do it involves a 180° pitch (like playing cards, but the fulcrum is the groin).
    3.5. Given the setup it's already a pretty niche focus, but apropos of #2 my main inspiration is werewoofs pitching and catching without having to wait half an hour to weigh anchor. :^)

    4. As per Thread 71. Tying into my previous comments about a dynamic world, it'd be great if plot progression is reflected in the vendor NPCs, even those without dedicated quest lines. It always seems weird when you go through all these world-shaking crises and they still greet you like any other Tuesday.

    5. Pulling a page from FS, it's rare you ever get aquatic action in these games, but a standalone transformable that makes you amphibious regardless of morph type. Notably in FS, the Gill Fruit encounter happens once, and if for whatever reason you lose it then it's gone for good.

    6. When you get a dodgy unsolicited e-mail.

    7. a) Benji is beautiful soul. True.
    b) Oh jeez this came up a little while ago. I'm pretty sure Oxbidge was High Middle Ages, the Maya came before the Aztecs, but I can't remember which century Tenochtitlan was founded... I'm gonna say True.
    c) Trick question, Passerby eats you en route. True.
    d) Ugh, I know it was late 1800s, can't remember the exact year. Since you don't strike me as the pedantic type, I'll go out on a limb and say True.
    e) FALSE.
    They're astounding. :cool:

    Seconding all three. As much as I hate branching paths at the best of times, it's very rare these sorts of games really give you a reason to try different approaches beyond Morality Choices and perma-TFs. Whether it's the PC, or mutually-exclusive paths for NPCs, it'd be neat if there are scenarios where you have to make a choice that resonates through the rest of the game.

    9. Next release build of OpenRA.
    -Carnal Souls Demo, of course!

    2025 release date confirmed???

    10. I suppose it depends on how we define "goddess of sex". As per Atomicbob/WildRosey, if we're talking strictly about the physical act then either she'd be a shapeshifter that can mirror individual desires, or the Platonic Ideal Form, in which case she'd be androgynous in all sense of the word. If we're talking about sexual hedonism, then all bets are off since she can be whatever she wants and just drown the worshippers in pheremones. (Of course, being me, futa is obligatory for the latter.)

    Echoing people above, unless mirroring the mortal's desire requires preg fetish, pregnancy would be relegated to a dedicated fertility goddess. Unless, of course, she's both.

    11. Johnny Storm. :cool:

    PREORDER: Where does the adventure start?


    FINALLY some wholesome content for my Christian Minecraft server!

    Candy Crush clone masquerading as a dating sim.
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