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Question Thread 101: Much Less Special Edition - 2x The Content

Discussion in 'General Carnal Souls Discussion' started by Larry Land Lord, Sep 11, 2019.


sci-fi character creation part 7: how does the adventure start?

  1. you start on your home planet, you can decide specifics.

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  2. you suddenly woke up drifting through space in a pod, you'll safely land soon on an unknown planet.

  3. your sex life got a little too crazy and you blacked out, you woke up in a place you dont recognize.

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  4. you've arrived at your destination with no problems

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  5. other (respond)

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  6. you were guided by spirits

  7. you were sent on your quest by [YOURCHOICE]

  8. you took a wrong turn and got tangled up in something much bigger than you'd ever imagnied

  9. you kinda just wandered into this story.

  10. the cosmic forces decreed it, and so it happened.

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  1. Larry Land Lord

    Larry Land Lord Well-Known Member Member

    Jan 7, 2017
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    despite the title being 101, there will be no educational video this week. BUT theres a lot of stuff to answer since i missed a week :) theres also 2x the titties
    instead i offer u
    smooth jazz for the calm question answering experience

    1. if you were a music artist, what kind of music do you think you'd make?
    -if you could instantly become a very good music artist for that genre and only that genre, would you do it?

    2. what makes a character attractive?
    -what makes them interesting?
    --are you immediately interested in an attractive character?

    3. will love always be unrequited in some way?

    4. if your a true question answerer, you've been giving a lot of carnal souls ideas for a long time. what do you think the best idea you've thought of is?
    4.5is it bad to be an idea guy? would you consider yourself one?

    5. fill in the blank. i left whoever said the quote, you can cheat if you like.
    "Mama always told me life was like _ ___ __ __________" -Forrest Gump
    " There is a charm about the _________that makes it unspeakably irresistible " -Mark Twain
    "I heard that larry really likes ______" -???
    "Don't ___ because its over, _____ because it happened." -Dr Seuss

    6. if you died tomorrow, what would you want to be remembered for?

    7. what is one thing you hope to see in question thread 102?

    8. its been a long day but spontaneously 3 friends suddenly appear in front of you.
    they ask to go rollerskating, what do you do?
    A. say no, leave (end story)
    B. teleport away using your god-like powers.
    C. say yes, go. (continue)

    B) your friends are utterly shocked and call the cops on you. they rush into your 9 story beach mansion and kill you in your sleep. game over

    C) you get in, but when you get there, you forgot your wallet at home. none of these friends want to pay for you, and thus make you wait outside without a ride. what do you do?
    C1. walk home, it'll take about two hours.
    C2. go in and instigate a fight
    C3. cry and wait for them to come out.

    you walk home in a very sad and defeated manner and never speak to them again. (game over, good ending)

    you go in to fight all three of them. turns out, they orchestrated this entire operation. unlucky them, you're a seasoned question answerer and have received larrys blessing on this day.
    C2A: destroy them (game over, good ending)
    C2B: try to beat them, but as it turns out they had planned this as well. the entire roller rink gangs up on you.

    A. destroy everyone with your raw power (good ending, if your murderous)
    B. escape. (good ending, but everyone is still alive and after you.)

    they come out, say sorry, laugh it off and take you home.
    C3A) you just go along and go home. (game over, moderately sad ending. you wasted your day)
    C3B) while in the car, you launch an attack.

    A. you use your epic, jedi style karate moves and take them all out. coincidentally, you were only a 10 minute walk away from home, and you leave no evidence. (good ending)

    Lord Dolfus IX has come to you in the night in a beautiful, pure black robe. he lays a scroll down on a nearby table.
    "The reader of this scroll must write a short story about an adventurer coming to a bustling town for the first time. But, the town is located in the coldest (survivable) place in universe. Try to convey the surprise of finding a big city in the arctic. You may fully design the town and the universe, its an entirely blank slate." -King Banjo the Benevolent

    if you were a professional reviewer, your entire life depends on if your reviews are good or not, how would you review this question thread?


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  2. Nechrom

    Nechrom Well-Known Member Member

    Apr 7, 2016
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    Progressive rock.

    Without effort? Sure. But I can't promise I'd be very prolific. I'm very much an under-achiever in all things not directly affecting other people.

    That question basically answers itself since it's entirely subjective. I would barely be able to answer for myself because there'll always be that character that you didn't think you'd like but you somehow still appreciate due to some other reason you couldn't predict.

    Motivation, depth and layers.
    A character you keep getting to know as the story unfolds and which feels motivated to be the way they are.

    Superficially yes. I might end up not liking them at some point, but I guess I give them more of a chance compared to "unattractive" characters.

    Almost certainly for one party.
    In all likelihood one will always love the other more.

    Probably the one about how to handle gear equipping and rules surrounding that.
    Sure it's not as exciting as extra content, but I'm more a stickler for solid systems to build games on rather than the exact content.
    From what I've seen, we're in good hands when it comes to content writing.

    If you're only an idea guy, it can be bad. But if you help follow through with that idea, it's totally fine.
    Ideas should stem from a want to improve or enrich something, and that should motivate you to not just tell other people what to do, but also to personally help make your own idea a reality.
    I'm probably an idea guy, but since I'm not good at delegating I'm very often the one who also works on that idea.

    "Mama always told me life was like a box of chocolates."
    I've never heard the Mark Twain one.
    "I heard that larry really likes bimbos."
    "Don't cry because its over, smile because it happened." (just guessing, never read a Dr. Seuss story)

    I wouldn't care, because I'd be dead. A legacy is something to comfort you while you are alive. When you are dead, literally nothing will make a difference.

    More boobies ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I would say yes, because I'm an introvert and I have to be thankful for other people taking initiatives for social activities, because I'm sure as hell not going to.

    I'm definitely a walk home type of person. Solitude is my healing.

    A well balanced thread of questions. Something for everyone. The author might have spent a bit too much time on the branching story questions, but a fun and different take on the question format. I give the thread Duck/10.

    More petite than I prefer, but I love the intimate setting.
  3. Atomicbob

    Atomicbob Well-Known Member Member

    Nov 24, 2016
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    Ooh, love that 'drifting through space' option! So mysterious!

    Synthwave, no question. I'm such a sucker for synthwave!

    Depends on what you, the observer, find attractive. In my case, it'd be someone in shape with a shapely ass and thighs.
    'Interesting' falls into what they're into; hobbies, likes, dislikes, etc, and an interesting character is one who's quirks are unique to them.
    If said attractive character ticks my personal boxes of what I'm into, then yeah!

    Not always, I'm sure. Even if love starts out one-sided, with one person loving the other but not vise-versa, I'd hope that, if that relationship is meant to be, then eventually love would be equally given by all involved. There are exceptions to this: one-sided love that borders on stalking or obsession, loving the idea of someone/what they represent, or loving someone because they tick a fetish box for you, and not for them as a person.

    I think it was technically our idea, but that quest we had an idea for where you went to fight a dragon, then turned it into a unique weapon or a unique TF/possession. That was rad. :D

    Idea guys and gals are great, but I imagine it might get frustrating if there were too many idea people, but not enough folks with the willingness to act on that creativity and turn it into something substantial. I'd consider myself an idea guy, but I hope one day to turn that into being a writer or something. I have too many ideas to keep track of!

    ~a box of chocolates
    ~don't cry because its over, smile because it happened

    Mark Twain was a wise man. He was likely referring to taboo, which some people will always find alluring. Just look at furries, and how they've exploded in popularity!
    That Doctor Seuss quote means a lot to me, and came in a time in my life when I experienced great loss and sadness. It kept me going. <3

    Making people laugh and be happy, hopefully.

    Hmm... something about belief in the supernatural?

    C, C1. I've actually had this happen to me before, and it was quite embarassing. I wouldn't want my friends' days to be affected because I forgot my wallet, and I'd quietly bow out and return home to sulk and eat candy.

    After several hours in hyperspace, you finally reach your destination: Etrinus IV. An unremarkable star system in the ass-end of the galaxy, who's only defining feature being a small white dwarf star, surrounded by icy debris. Even by traditional standards, this system is as frigid as frigid can get. And yet, that mysterious signal lead you here. You recheck your equipment to verify that, yes, the signal is still present. Not only that, but your systems tell you that it's source is much closer now. You navigate your ship around the asteroids and chunks of dead planets, before finding yourself nearing a particularly large asteroid, encased in a thick layer of ice. The signal is definitely coming from here, and after a tertiary flyby, you discover a gaping hole leading under the planetoid's surface. Your ship fits through it no problem, and you can't help but notice that this tunnel seems curiously spacious, almost as if it's formation was artificial. Following the tunnel for a time, you notice that your ship systems read that the temperature is increasing drastically, and are approaching habitable levels. Finally, you round a smooth corner and are met with a lightly glowing barrier; an artificial airlock, usually found in space station docks, designed to keep air in, while still allowing passage for ships. Flying through it, you round another corner, and your jaw hits the deck.
    You are met with a town- no, an entire city, hidden inside of this abnormal asteroid, complete with all of the amenities you'd expect a bustling port to have. Even from here, you can see that this place is quite populated. You spy a spot for landing your ship, and do so. A final check of your ship's external systems confirms the presence of earth-like levels of oxygen, gravity, and even temperatures. Looking out of your starboard observation window, you are met with a sign:

    Welcome to Nyx Termina ~ The galaxy's most well-kept secret.

    A ping comes through on your ship's systems, on the same channel who's signal you'd been following. On the console, a message is deciphered from alien text; You are not here by accident.

    A solid 9/10! That writing prompt got my creative juices flowing for the first time today. :D

    I'm a big fan of the tattoos in the first picture. Black, green, and brown is a good scheme for her. The room in the second picture radiates comfort and calm; big fan.
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  4. WildRosey

    WildRosey Member Member

    Apr 27, 2019
    Likes Received:
    good jazzzz

    Probably indie garage rock! I love indie garage rock.
    If I became a good music artist of indie garage rock, I'd definitely do that, but I'd retire before I get tired of making music.

    There's definitely a difference between interesting and attractive, but you can be interested in an attractive character. In that case, they would have to be interesting in that sense, but they could very well only be interesting because of their attractiveness. I suppose the question to ask here is how a character can be interesting outside of their attractiveness. Well, attractive is a synonym of interesting, funny enough. A character could be attractive because of their body, or their personality. They could be attractive because of their mysterious backstory. You've probably, at some point in your life, heard someone call another person interesting purely because of looks. Perhaps, someone may say "I'm interested" after taking a look at someone considered sexy.

    On the other side of the coin, some may claim someone is attractive, but may not be interested in them. Now, it would be a generalization to say that someone who is unattractive to a certain person can call them attractive, but their must at least be something cosmetically appealing about the person for someone to call them attractive. In the case that someone is called attractive by another person, unless the person calling that person attractive is not attracted to people of that specific gender, the person would most likely be attracted to that person. So, if you like guys, and you find a guy attractive enough to speak with him, you have some kind of interest. You could also that if you had enough time to be in the presence of a person you find attractive, you would be able to enact on the developing interest you have in that person. Attraction varies. It can be romantic, platonic, physical, or simply curiosity.

    Let's say, since this is an erotic text game forum, attractive means physically attractive: You are interested in that attractive character because you find them attractive. You are attracted to that character because you find them interesting, is a different story. Usually, we don't call anyone "interesting" when you look at them, you call them attractive for their appearance. If you're calling them interesting, it's probably because of a personality trait. Thus, to end my uselessly long and repetitive paragraphs: an attractive character is something you are interested in.

    No, not at all. I don't think love can be that complicated. It can be requited or unrequited. If we were to complicate it, there are only two dimensions of love: physical love and emotional love. Perhaps, there may also be some projected love that does not result from either, but that is a rare case. Let's say, you sought out someone physically and thus loved them because of the physical aspect of your relationship, the emotional love is absent. Of course, FWB relationships sometimes result in the creation of physical love and emotional love. At the same time, one must ask, what is physical love outside of committing to physical relationships? Perhaps, physical love is simply just a love for the physical relationship, but if that's the case, then would a FWB relationship not have some kind of love?

    Thus, we separate physical love from physical attraction, pleasure, and passion. You can enjoy the company of someone in a physical manner, and not love them, but you may also love them for just the physical. What physical love risks is a connection to emotional love in the case of a FWB relationship. In the end though, if one person were to fall for the other physically and emotionally, but the other only loved them for the physical, that is an example of love being unrequited in some way. I will be honest and say that. I don't believe I have found someone I both physically love and emotionally love. I do believe that love can be perfectly satisfied if there is both physical and emotional love.

    Hm.... I like my sexual diversity ideas? I think I'll go and check tomorrow what my ideas were because I can't remember most of them lol.

    It's only bad if there are too many.

    "Mama always told me life was like a box of chocolates" -Forrest Gump

    " There is a charm about the uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that makes it unspeakably irresistible " -Mark Twain
    :( wish i knew mark twain quotes

    "I heard that larry really likes bimbos" -???

    "Don't cry because its over, smile because it happened." -Dr Seuss

    seuss is a fucking cheesy bitch

    I honestly can't really think of anything that I want to be remembered for. I don't want to be remembered, I think I would just rather my stories be remembered, but people can forget about me. If they do want to remember me, they can just remember me for my fantastical ideas and dreams such as my pursuit of immortality.

    me asking one of the questions ;")

    Right at this moment? I got stuff to do tomorrow. :(
    end story

    oh damn. I skipped a lot yeet. I would have done all the godly stuff in hindsight.

    My short story is going to be a paragraph long because I am tired.
    remind me @WildRosey

    An entertaining question thread, can't wait for the next one. :)

    love the tattoos on the jorrvaskr post

    hot ladies

    Interesting video. I wish I was emotionally unavailable.
    i sleep[/QUOTE]
  5. Larry Land Lord

    Larry Land Lord Well-Known Member Member

    Jan 7, 2017
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    i never thought i'd see this sentence in my life

    yes sir
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  6. Dolfuss

    Dolfuss Well-Known Member Member

    Aug 10, 2016
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    1. My training is concert piano and assorted percussion, so it'd probably orbit around those, though I'm far more of a parodist than original composer. As to the second, lemme look into salaries and I'll get back to you. ;)

    2. Basically, seconding WildRosey and Nechrom. As per Thread 71, once we move beyond superficiality, characters are attractive by virtue of being interesting, and that field's open to a whole swath of subjectivity—and what makes them attractive as a character may even be at total odds with what makes them attractive in the sense of likeability.

    As to the third: if you meet my criteria for physical beauty, you've caught my interest. The trick, however, is to hold it. :cool:

    3. Only insofar as you are giving love with the expectation of equal receipt.

    4. One of these days I'll be able to answer these threads without having to trawl the whole forum. Well my genecrafting got an OP nod so I'll go with that. :3
    Ideas guys are useful as a source of inspiration, especially when the main devs get trapped in tunnel vision... assuming of course they actually have some idea of the basic vision and scope. People that just spout off personal wishlists with no regard to feasibility get old really fast. For that reason I typically only weigh in if I can at least conceive of how to do it myself.

    5. Correct answers have already been posted, so have some mad libs:
    "Mama always told me life was like a war in Yugoslavia"
    " There is a charm about the socialistthat makes it unspeakably irresistible "
    "I heard that larry really likes corgis"
    "Don't nap because its over, drink because it happened."

    6. Not really anything specific, merely that I inspired someone toward self-betterment.

    7. A question. :rolleyes:
    Mirran, seriously.

    8. A., I can't rollerskate. :oops:

    BONUS: No joke, I had something really similar to Atomicbob's writeup, but his kicks mine to the curb.

    BONUS 2: 8/10, not enough water.

    BONUS 3: I'm not usually one for tattoos or warpaint, but this works scarily well.
    #9 in the second set... might wanna get that looked at. :eek:

    BONUS 4: What a tweest!

  7. Larry Land Lord

    Larry Land Lord Well-Known Member Member

    Jan 7, 2017
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    @Mirran i thought you said you'd be coming back soon?

    im just happy u guys actually did it
    i remember someone wanting more prompts

    all of my life i've related to charlie brown
    and now i relate all the more
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  8. Dolfuss

    Dolfuss Well-Known Member Member

    Aug 10, 2016
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    I bet they're a fucking cheesy bitch. :rolleyes:
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  9. Atomicbob

    Atomicbob Well-Known Member Member

    Nov 24, 2016
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    By all means, don't let me step on your toes! If you've got some writing ideas, I wanna see 'em! :D
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  10. Dolfuss

    Dolfuss Well-Known Member Member

    Aug 10, 2016
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    Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ok :3

    Liemann 2698-G, an utterly uninformative astronomical ID tag most people only know from a Trivial Pursuit answer card. While its claim to "coldest place in the universe" is almost certainly exaggerated, it is the coldest-naturally-known permanently inhabited outpost in the galaxy. Originally identified as part of the asteroid belt orbiting the black hole Amestad 9, data from surface expeditions and studies of its orbital properties hypothesize it is actually an orphaned planet from a long-dead system. Shrouded by the belt, its inner core having long since decayed, its surface temperatures barely exceed deep-space background radiation. The environment is so unforgiving that even penal labour is forbidden, the cost of life support utterly unjustifiable against a "disposable" workforce.

    All of which begs the question: Why the hell am I here?

    Its appeal to scientists is obvious: a planet-sized laboratory where they can test everything too expensive or unwieldy to organize back home. Why anyone else would willingly visit, even for the novelty, boggles the mind. Rumours abound that it's the source of some super-rare mineral ore and its research-outpost reputation is a front, but to date there's been nothing coming out of the quadrant to corroborate an appeal to treasure hunters. Besides which, if Liemann was strategically significant, it would have at least a token garrison stationed nearby, not remain entirely civvie.

    Plus, if they were trying to keep the place locked down, they wouldn't have made the nav data public. The autopilot is already punched in so I can sit back and enjoy the ride... and I'm glad I'm not flying by hand. This sector of the belt is marked out with guiding beacons—bright lights illuminating the space rocks, some specked with ruins of the early probes—all of which only underscore the creepy darkness of the system's dead star, there and yet not there, far enough away that it's not a real danger but close enough to remain distracting, sucking in attention from one's peripheral vision much the same as its gravitational pull.

    Fumbling through the flight suit I pull out the photo—hard copy, not a hologram. Of all the stars in all the arms, what brought you here? She's not a scientist, not remotely related to logistics, not even a bounty hunter like me, yet apparently she was headed to this iceball before dropping off the radar. I cast a wary glance out the cockpit before replacing the picture; it's basic procedure never to hit a system like this head-on, for obvious reasons, but if she came here alone with no flight training...

    2698-G itself emerges, distinguished by the webwork of light marking its surface bases. Even in the eternal twilight of the belt, it's possible to make out deep scarring across the surface, likely from the local detritus it picked up on its way in. Vague outlines of impact craters are hubs for hairline fractures still visible beneath the frozen silt, testament to a crust so brittle it could very well have cracked all the way through. I can imagine a lot of artists ascribing it a morbid beauty; to me it's just morbid, a dull crystal on the verge of shattering completely.

    The control panel lights up with an incoming hail; curious that they'd use live traffic control, but then anyone working in the arse-end of space could probably do with any personal contact they can get. "SNDC-2103, this is Aerospace Control LG-01, we have you on approach; please confirm flight plan, over."

    "SNDC-2103, acknowledged Control, transmitting now." A few taps of the keypad and the data is on its way topside. At this point it's really a formality, the station having received all relevant nav data the moment it made contact with the autopilot, but some pilots enjoy the illusion of control. These sorts of research stations always hate unexpected guests so ASC should have got a memo back around the time I planned this flight. Assuming I'm not treading on high-priority traffic, they'll send me the updated approach vector, I'll plug it into the autopilot, and in about an hour I'll get to see how well my new snowsuit measures up.

    "SNCD-2103, your flight plan checks out, but we'll have to re-route you to an alternative dock."

    "Acknowledged, Control." Not sure what difference it makes; I don't even know the layout of their spaceport.

    "Is your pilot fit to conduct a manual landing?"

    This is strange. "Affirmative. Is there a problem on your end?"

    "No, but the receiving port uses local ASC only. You'll need to make the main approach yourself, and the station will pick you up for the final landing."

    "Understood," I lie. I receive the new coordinates before the station signs off—completely, I realize after the fact. When I map it through the navcom I physically frown: I'm being rerouted halfway across the damn planet! Let me be clear: making a blind planetfall approach, to be picked up by atmospheric ASC, with no control tracking you in the mean time, is not normal. I reflexively snap into alert readiness as I switch off the autopilot; my little shuttle is unarmed, and I've never tried a handgun from the cockpit.

    Luckily I can fly stick. Given the distance it's a leisurely approach; I can't make out much of an atmosphere, though given Liemann's reputation it would be odd if it had one. What I do notice after about twenty minutes is that the surface lights are rapidly dissipating, manned outposts giving way to what are probably automated sensor relays, too small to be luminous at this altitude. Looming just beyond the asteroid-studded sky is that menacing void, leering over the equally-menacing desert below. The only thing that doesn't feel empty right now is the cockpit. I put on some music to break the tension.

    About a thousand klicks out from the destination, the console lights up with a new hail, and I instinctively sigh in relief. "SNDC-2103," a voice crackles, "This is ACT LG-7. Please acknowledge, over."

    "SNDC-2103 receiving. Bit of a long stretch without radio contact, over," I feign nonchalance.

    "Yeah, we're a bit off the grid, sorry about that. Trip's almost over; we'll walk you through approach as it's a little bit tricky..."

    No joke: it's like an atmospheric flight sim with a daredevil for an instructor. I'm practically skimming the ground following what feels like a terrestrial race track, all the while searching for any sort of navigation beacon amid the grey-green silt. Taking a waypoint hard to port, the landing lights illuminate a deep fissure ahead—and I'm supposed to go in. "The hell this is a space dock," I mutter, decelerating as I survey the chasm.

    "SNDC-2103, we can confirm your vessel will fit; please continue the flight plan, over."

    Rolling my eyes with no small degree of anxiety, I comply and dip down. It's tight, not unmanageable, but impossible for autopilot even at low velocity. I can't make out the canyon floor but I'm given precise measurements to descend, and I'm too deep in it now to risk a blind abort. Unexpectedly, the canyon walls begin to open up, and light appears in the distance.

    I literally can't believe what I find on arrival. The base of the fissure has been carved out into a massive atrium. Shining bright as daylight is a bona fide city, dwellings carved into the walls, the open floor resembling a ramshackle marketplace, figures milling about in utter contempt of their homeworld's infamous cold. It takes every fibre of willpower not to stop and stare as ASC continues to direct my approach, finally reaching a semi-enclosed hangar bay etched into one of the upper levels. It's only when the shuttle settles onto solid ground that I return to lucidity, a faint sweat on the brow and ache in the arms from muscle tension.

    "SNDC-2103," announces the radio with what sounds like a hint of swagger, "Welcome to Niflheim."
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