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Question Thread 102: Just Alotta Questions

Discussion in 'General Carnal Souls Discussion' started by Larry Land Lord, Sep 24, 2019.


sci-fi character creation part 8: what is threatening the galaxy? unlimited options

  1. other (set your own specifics)

  2. a space virus creating hyper sex zombies, you have to find the cure or a way to adapt.

  3. a black hole is slowly devouring the universe, your trying to find a way to close it.

    0 vote(s)
  4. your ancestors scattered pieces of your history all over the universe, your on a scavenger hunt.

  5. a tyrannical empire trying to take over the universe, only a few factions stand in their way.

    0 vote(s)
  6. suddenly, more and more people are popping up with psychic powers.

  7. godlike beings have emerged all over the universe, they're all making their own unique messes.

  8. you tackle whatever challenges you come across

  9. you were framed and are now on the run.

  10. you were captured, scientist have been testing transformatives on you over time.

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Larry Land Lord

    Larry Land Lord Well-Known Member Member

    Jan 7, 2017
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    POLL QUESTION: who is your character so far? how do you feel about the polls?
    -totally not a reminder to go back and check your answers
    VIDEO QUESTION: what do you think about the video? how much did you watch?

    1. what is a key element of friendship?
    -what is a key element of a romantic relationship?

    2. your an assistant to a high up Corporate Bossman/lady, you think they're super attractive, fun and an overall great person... they're single.
    one day after you've given them their coffee, they utter an extremely corny porn level pick up line. this is an invitation to go on a date, they'll pay.
    what do you do?

    3. what is one thing about music that you love?
    if you dont care for music, whats one thing about life that you love?
    3.5 can you name an old song? (whatever your definition of old is)

    4. whats a sexy question i can ask next week?

    5. how do you feel about sex as a mechanic in AAA games? how should it be implemented?

    6. these questions take a long time to write with all the prompts, videos and whatnot i have to get together. this iis a resting point for both me and you question answerers :)

    7. how would you implement sex into a fetish game? liliths throne type multiple options, or written scenes?

    8. how do you think character body types should be balanced in games like CS/COC?
    ex, if theres 10 characters, how many of those are male/female/futa/etc?

    9. who was your childhood crush?
    can be a person or a character :) i dont discriminate

    10. what do you think about this thread?

    have a nice day, travel to outside world. absorb sunlight. drink water.
    reward: Larrys Blessing +10, progresses plot

    include an image in your post, you get a little bit of exp and it unlocks an achievement.

    despite just finishing the tutorial, you receive a scroll from the mistress of darkness, WildRosey.
    "my task for you is to write a short story about a detective. he's just found a crime scene, two bodies, both have guns and both are dead. of course, this all takes place in a dark alley, contrasting with the bright neon lit city. take as many liberties as you'd like."
    if you cannot complete the task, you'll be consumed by roseys eternal darkness and damnation. if you can, you level up a couple times and the darkness doesn't consume you.

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  2. Atomicbob

    Atomicbob Well-Known Member Member

    Nov 24, 2016
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    Space-orc adventurer, flying through space and having weird adventures, joined by a buddy he met at piloting school, and a weird goo-girl that lives in one of his canteens. And other places when she's feeling frisky.
    It's a hard video to watch, and I didn't make it very far in before stopping. I know plastic dumping in the ocean is a blight on the ecosystem, and I wish more people would take these kinds of things seriously, instead of putting it off for future generations to suffer through. :(

    Got an answer for both; finding common ground in things you enjoy. Whether its food, movies, or awful jokes, so long as you both have a good time while in eachother's company, you should have a healthy relationship. Honesty is another important one, but that's rather flexible: sometimes the situation calls for fibs and lies, for everyone's sakes.

    Proceed with extreme caution and/or break the relationship off, or quit. Mixing professional lives and personal ones is a big red-flag in my book, and relationships with employees (and bosses in this case) can lead to bad stuff. Best case scenario; you get special treatment and favoritism, which doesn't step on anyone's toes. Worst case; you are treated favorably to the detriment of others, and your co-workers/boss start hating your guts. And don't even get me started on what kind of drama can happen if you're dating a co-worker/boss and break-up with them.
    Source: some serious drama-nonsense that went on at a school someone I know worked at.

    How some songs can cause you to get lost in their beats and rhythems, and conjure cool scenarios in your head. This song, for instance, makes me think of a high-intensity battle between two opponents; a dance with danger, if you will!
    I knew a bunch of 100+ year old hymns my church would sing during service; too many to mention.

    'What fictional character in a video game did you instantly fall in love with when you met them, and how badly did you wanna fuck 'em in real life'?

    Sex in modern "AAA" games is shallow, imo. You just have to do things your love interest likes, check boxes, and eventually you get to lewd them. The industry is in desperate need of romance and sex scenes written by people who know what the hell they're doing, as it's quite cringeworthy most of the time. There's a few gems here and there, but we need some better romance in video games, dangit!

    Time for a brief respite. :3

    Unless the scenes are well-written and don't go on for ages *side-eyes TiTS*, I'd prefer the LT approach of letting the player choose how the scene progresses; I'm a big fan of that, actually! The only change I'd make is having some kind of limit as to how long it can go on for (player's or partner's sexual stamina runs out or something). Maybe your character passes out, or your sexual opponent asks to stop, as they're about to pass out. ALSO, post-lewd cuddling is an absolute must!

    Generally, I'd like to see an even spread of males, females, futas, and everything else in between. For goodness sakes, tho, lewd games in general need to tone it down on the futas; I like them as much as the next deviant, but too much of a good thing doesn't stay good forever. *side-eyes fenoxo*

    There was a really nice girl in middle school I had a crush on, and I think she liked me too. Sadly, she had to move out of state, so if there was something there, it didn't get very far. I did get a nice, warm hug from her before she left, though, which made me happy cry. :')

    Excellent, as always Larry! <3

    Same to you and everyone else here. Kiss kiss!

    Quest: rescue the kobold, complete!
    Claim 'reward', y/n?

    Gonna have to do an IOU on this; I'm about to pass out from meds kicking in, but I'll get back to this.

    Ooh, sexy demon! :drool:
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  3. Larry Land Lord

    Larry Land Lord Well-Known Member Member

    Jan 7, 2017
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    my character is still the same
    i just want to make a note for future me that i picked so many poll options to spice up the world a lot with demigods, psychics and whatnot

    this makes me wonder
    how many of my own questions can i actually answer myself?
    not this one for sure

    accept their advances, get a pay raise, do everything they want.
    im an easy to convince person, i'll just wait for them to break up with me if things go south, that way it wont be too awkward and i'll have time to flee to a new job.

    i have a soft spot for remixing and sampling old songs, pretty much only hip hop though. really helps modernize older tracks
    i like sunrises :)

    another question i cant answer :(

    i just wish people would stop complaining about everything on social media
    i hope developers learn to stop being people pleasers and go for whats actually good.
    i want my virtual in-game non modded titties and i want them NOW

    thanks me from the past :)
    hope everyone else was okay with this

    i think eventually liliths throne type would get repetitive if there wasnt a ton more flavor added in.

    30 being everything else, including futas
    i say everything else since theres a lot of stuff out there that i can't even think of. also... i hope futas dont all have dude personalities. i find a lot of futas just act like guys.

    the one who got away
    this is the exact thing that happened to me :(

    i think that i spent too much time thinking of a response to my own questions

    good job past me, these are amazingly decent.

    good luck with whatevers hurting you brother

    i agree in an extra extravagant manner
    even a duck like me could see too many bimbos is too much, the same should go for futas/excruciatingly long scenes.

    what about pre-lewd

    after 3000 years of passerby/bobs kobold propaganda i looked into it
    im not entirely convinced yet
    i approve of all bottom heavy creatures
  4. Nechrom

    Nechrom Well-Known Member Member

    Apr 7, 2016
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    Originally a female orc, now an android by choice. Mechanical engineer and bionics designer genius who is well off on bionic design licencing fees and custom work by commission.
    Lives with a female human computer systems designer specializing in AI and mnemonic systems. She partnered with her to develop the artifical brain technology needed to go fully android.
    Her side hobby is old world chemical propellant firearms which she collects, builds and also uses when going on expeditions to Terra to find more firearms artifacts and research data.
    No huge antagonists besides overly exploitative corporations doing their thing and the lawlessness of old world Terra.

    I'm enjoying the polls just like the previous ones. Makes me go in directions I most likely wouldn't have with character and world building.

    Somewhat frequent contact? Something in common to bond over? I honestly don't know since my old friends are all gone in one way or another.
    Mutual attraction.

    What's the catch? :confused:

    It feels like it's a completely unique way to enjoy yourself, and scratches an itch that no other entertainment can. There's no substitute for it.

    I don't know. You're the questions guy. ;)

    I don't know that it is a mechanic in any AAA titles to be honest. It exists in some, but it's just a cinematic or cut-scene.
    I don't know if it needs to be a mechanic in games not centered around sexual interactions. It's good to include sex to indicate how far a romantic relationship has come, but for normal AAA games it doesn't have to be anything more.

    *stretches and listens to some music*

    Assuming I had the ability to implement either, definitely LT-like. But if I were to make a game right now it would probably be closer to a multiple choice interaction tree than a free and open system like in LT.

    Whatever makes sense for the world that is presented. Otherwise it should be somewhat based on the assumed audience and its preferences.
    While it might make sense to have 50/50 male/female. Does the male homosexual, female heterosexual and bisexual part of the audience really amount to 50%?
    That is obviously also different from the character library I would personally create, since i'm not making them for anyone but myself. :p

    I've honestly never been romantically interested in anyone growing up.
    I was "forced" to pick a favorite girl kind of like how I was "forced" to pick a favorite NHL team when collecting hockey cards was a thing in my school. :rolleyes:

    A bit long.
    Which is why it took a bit for me to find time to sit down and write some answers. But other than that it's been great.
    I like to skim through the thread when it gets posted and approximate how long it will take me to answer. Sometimes I have to postpone it.

    Quest Failed :(

    And it's Live2D in the game as well. :eek:
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  5. WildRosey

    WildRosey Member Member

    Apr 27, 2019
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    I'm a universal elven pornstar who was warned by spirits to go to a specific planet to go into hiding while being chased down after being framed. I was framed for committing a murder, but now I'm trying to solve it. Also, I'm a plot pirate so basically I plagiarize. I'm also hellbent on world domination, but I kind of gotta get past the whole murder thing first. I can start a harem though. My companions are a robot and a bimbo scientist. The spirits can talk to me because I am a trained psychic assassin. Space travel is pretty chill these days.

    fuck 'em. I didn't watch any uhhhhhhh. I wanna get this posted before I watch it lol. I have a lot of work to do though, so it might be a bit.

    Love is a key element of friendship.
    Love is a key element of a romantic relationship along with attraction.

    Will they pay me to go on the date or are they just paying for the date? Lmao
    Regardless, I would go and ignore any potential risk to my career. :)

    I think I just love the darkness it can reach? Moreso, I love the many positions it can reach in tone.

    Hm... Uhhh... I guess I can name a Beatles song called "She's So Heavy". Good song.

    Ideal sexual position? Maybe just an erotic writing prompt lol

    It shouldn't be implemented unless the entire purpose of the game is to have sex, or if there's really reasonable reason to include sex. Perhaps, it would be included because of abstract game themes. Otherwise, if we're talking about something like GTA, I think the current mechanics are perfectly fine.

    whew, resting point. I respect your drive.

    I think I prefer multiple options, but the scenes would still be written? You choose how you have sex, but with prewritten content for the character. Make-out-->Suck tits-->Cowgirl.

    That's a good question. I suppose, it depends on the demographics of the audience. For one, if we have three basic categories of Androphilia, gynephilia, and Ambiphilia. Let's say, that about forty percent of the players are purely gynephiliacs, another twenty-five are androphiliacs, and the remainder are ambiphiliacs. In this case, we should have four feminine characters with female genitalia, two masculine characters with male genitalia, and four characters with both genitalia or simply more androgynous features. Of course, this is a complicated estimate. I don't believe this estimate is that accurate, but for this question to be answered, we have to have some kind of idea about the sexuality of the population of players. It gets more complicated when we consider genital preference along with the object of attraction. I.e: This person doesn't like masculinity, but they don't mind a woman with a dick.

    For my fair estimate, I will base the balance around my preferences and what I think is balanced for the player base, I will categorize a character based on alignment to femininity, masculinity, and androgyny and the body parts they have. Here are the body types and presentation alignment with a niche rating(a rating that decides how niche or not niche this character is to the playerbase. If the score is a plus, it appeals to the fanbase more. if it is a zero, an even amount of players will dislike and like this character. if it is a negative, this character will only to appeal to less than half of the fanbase.)

    Niche rating:
    +4: 86-90%(Anything past 90% is impossible, and anything past 86 is near-impossible.)
    +3: 76-85%
    +2: 66-75%
    +1: 56-65%
    0: 46-55%
    -1: 36-45%
    -2: 26-35%
    -3: 16-25%
    -4: 6-15%
    -5: 1-5%(not sure if this is possible)

    be warned, all of these are my estimates and they may be bull.

    Masc character with male anatomy(+1/This might be a low estimate.)
    Fem character with male anatomy(+2)
    Masc character with female anatomy(-3 or -4)
    Fem character with female anatomy(+3)
    Fem character with everything(+2)
    Masc character with everything(-4)

    These are tougher to estimate:

    Androgynous character with female anatomy(-1)
    Androgynous character with male anatomy(-3)
    Androgynous character with everything(-2)

    In this case, there are nine alignments to fulfill. Ten characters is too small of a sample size to include all of these body types accurately. I would have fifty characters. First thing, I would only have one masc herm since I think the community has an obvious lack of interest or lack of support to include more masc herms. I would include three androgynous characters with fem anatomy since the identities of the characters would all vary. I would include one androgynous character with male anatomy and then two androgynous characters with everything. I would include eight masc characters with male anatomy and two with female anatomy. Now, I think feminine characters are where it's difficult because it is slightly jarring how many would show up, but I think this is an undercut. I would have five feminine characters with male anatomy. Some of these characters would have boobs, and some would not. What remains is six feminine herms and then sixteen fem characters.

    I spent a long time on this, and this is probably heavily inaccurate, but this was all just a guess.

    I don't really recall anything from my childhood. A friend or two. I did gymnastics for a bit, there was a girl I was into? She went to another gym after a year or so.

    It's been a good thread!!!!!!!

    thank you, larry :)


    The detective was tired. She wandered the bright neon-lit city until she came across the horrifying sight of two victims. She noticed a gun sitting next to each corpse. "Well, I oughtta get this on the records," she palmed her face. "I completely forgot that I killed these two people!"

    The detective turned towards the dying moon in the sky and pointed a finger at him. "You, you're the only witness here. If you tattle, I'll come up there myself and beat the light out of you."

    The moon frowned, "Mr. Detective, please. The government's already hitting me with lasers, I can only take so much pain." A large tear fell from the moon to the surface of the city.

    The detective scoffed, "Be quiet, moon. I think you just flooded a sector or two, but that's not my business to take care of right now."

    The moon gave an oath of silence and turned to watch someone else. "That's more like it." The detective whispered, "Now, to hide the bodies or to report the crime..."

    "I think I'll frame the great Land Lord of this city himself." The detective ripped a small notebook from the pocket of her coat and pulled a page off. She slipped a pen out of her finger and began to trace a sentence onto the paper. It read "Land Lord did it" with a smiley face dabbled below the short phrase. "That should keep the cops away from me. They won't suspect a thing."

    She sat up, clapped her hands, and walked off.


    good titties
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  6. WildRosey

    WildRosey Member Member

    Apr 27, 2019
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    Better yet, a prompt to describe an OC in the sexiest way possible.
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  7. Larry Land Lord

    Larry Land Lord Well-Known Member Member

    Jan 7, 2017
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    i think i need an example
  8. Dolfuss

    Dolfuss Well-Known Member Member

    Aug 10, 2016
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    Hybrid/genespliced/alien cross-foxguy medical scientist of some prestige within the field, came out here for work, stuck around for pleasure, will inevitably get drawn into Something Bigger. Co-worker is a voluptuous statue of a human with a bubbly personality but deceptively sharp mind. In possession of an egg of unknown origin.

    "He's beginning to believe..." (Daily reminder to watch Bottled Life)

    Until companies bear the full cost of their pollution, climate action will always be fighting a losing battle.
    But-but-but you missed watching the VP of Public Policy squirming as he's caught out in obvious bullshit!

    1. Related to mutual trust, being able to laugh at your foibles. There's one e-friend of mine that is stupidly sensitive to jokes about himself, to the point that I'll have to literally spend half an hour explaining why we're not stabbing him in the back whenever a josh is aimed his way.

    To the second: Allowing for distance. Of course you want to be close, but that shouldn't mean you're handcuffed. Getting flustered because your partner isn't on your shoulder 24/7 is a clear mark of insecurity and herald to a toxic relationship. As one couple's counselor puts it: A wandering eye is natural. The point is you still return to each other.

    2. Laugh, confirm they're genuine, then probably take it.

    3. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a song is worth a thousand pictures.
    "You're dead to me."
    —Nietzsche, probably

    3.5: "Greene ƒleves"

    So this is ironically-timed...

    "C Minor, put it in C Minor."
    *puts it in G Minor*

    4. uuuuuuhhh I thought that's what we had you for :^)
    Something about lesbians? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    "Describe an OC in the sexiest way possible." :p

    5. Effectively nonexistent. Even the much-memed "Hot Coffee" is basically a demo out of a programming class rather than a proper minigame. I honestly don't know how one would do it in "mainstream" 3D games in a way that's both immersive and intuitive, simply because I don't have a ready standard for comparison: mods for BethesdRPGs are basically just user-invoked interactive cutscenes bolted onto the "real" game, and even dedicated adult games (Cathouse Tale, Shades of Elysium, LifePlay) are currently bare-bones sandboxes, not fleshed-out narratives. The only example I can think of where sex is an integral component without being the only focus is The Sims, and it's because it's part of the underlying engine that the adult mods mesh so cleanly.



    7. A bit of both. Pre-written tracts (when they're done by a competent author) are great, but rarely interactive and tend to have very little variation. LT has the best dynamic framework, but on the flip side the text itself is short and doesn't really tailor itself to individual characters beyond preamble and debrief. As I've said before, CS seems to be aiming for a hybrid approach of branching paths, which is theoretically the best of both worlds, but the most time-consuming to actually write out in depth.

    Larry asking the important questions :cool:

    Something that's become a staple in my werewoof smut is the post-coital cuddle, because why the hell would you ruin the moment by trying to tear out the knot? :confused: Come to think of it, every game I know that uses rote scenes either glosses over the tie and/or breaks it early—even in writing, very few people seem to do anything with that interval.

    8. I did a three-way split before, but if we're adding "etc."... 3 men, 3 women, 2 futa, 2 other.

    9. Different classmates in different grades. :p I honestly can't recall any celebrity crushes or that ilk.

    10. Thought I was getting this out same-day until I hit the Side Quest. :rolleyes:

    Unfortunately I ran out of time for the Side Quest, though WildRosey roflpwned my furtive outline for a spoof. :p

    P.S. He calls it the Devil's Bikini, but it's only in a third of the pics. :cool:
    P.P.S. They make plaid swimsuits????
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  9. Larry Land Lord

    Larry Land Lord Well-Known Member Member

    Jan 7, 2017
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    i watched this scene a couple minutes before reading this lol

    weirdly common
  10. Dolfuss

    Dolfuss Well-Known Member Member

    Aug 10, 2016
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    And so on.

    "Also, can we all just take a moment to comprehend how actually competent the castle guards are at their job? They prepared for every eventuality, including giant cookie attacks (warm milk wouldn't do much to anything else), and with the exception of the Puss scene, their combat strategy is spot-on, such as forming lines to keep out the intruders instead of just rushing in head-on."

    "I love how the writers of Shrek understood medieval warfare better than the writers of game of thrones"
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  11. Dolfuss

    Dolfuss Well-Known Member Member

    Aug 10, 2016
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    alright lemme try this again

    It was a quarter to midnight and Vernon was trying to enjoy his fish and chips, but for the niggling awareness that having dinner this late was totally going to throw off his sleep. He was just finishing up when a gust of wind tugged the newspaper out of his grip; cursing under his breath he chased after it, rounding the corner of a back alley and snatching it up one-footed.

    As he straightened up, he caught sight of two figures lumped on the ground. "Aw, shit," he hissed, subconsciously wiping his mouth as he wandered over. Two men, stock-still, lying in quasi-symmetry, handguns beside. Taking a deep sigh, Vernon dug out his phone, trudging back to the street. "Clancy. ... Yeah, yeah I know it's late. I got two bodies down by Kenny's ... No, the restaurant. ... You know, retro-diner style, great milkshakes but they burn the rings to a crisp. ... Yeah. ... Oh, you did? How'd she like it? ... Yeah, I'd love to take Nat one year but you know how Shawna loves a proper home feast. ... Haha, good luck! ... Yeah. ... Oh, yeah. ... Yep. Quick as you can, I'll call the station. Cheers."

    Said call to the station later, Vernon shuffled back down the alley, inspecting the stiffs at a suitable distance. "Shit, Verne," he muttered, "You were s'posed to take this weekend off..."


    He turned about to find a pasty-faced constable brandishing his gun, legs braced and eyes widened like something out of a cartoon. "HANDSINTHEAIR!!" he screamed, trembling; Vernon casually noted his Taser™ was stowed securely in its holster, a thick layer of dust coating the grip.

    "Look—" he started, raising his hands in more of a 'calm down' gesture than bona fide compliance.

    "GETONTHEGROUND!! ISAIDGETTHEFUCKONTHEGROUND!!!" Rolling his eyes, Vernon sank to his knees—not fast enough as the constable ran over and practically punted him face-down. "Yeah, you fuckin' STAY down!" he growled, holstering his gun. "Officer Headley to all units, apprehended a suspicious black man outside Kenny's, uh, retro-diner style, great milkshakes but they burn the rings to a crisp, requesting backup, over!"

    "Look, mate—"

    "Shut the FUCK up!" he hollered, wrenching Vernon's arms behind his back as he wrestled with the cuffs. In his haste, the constable managed to lock them around each other; he threw them aside disgustedly before rifling through Vernon's pockets, rolling him over, and rifling through some more. "What's THIS?" he heaved, fumbling inside the inner jacket pouch, "Your KNIFE?"

    "No, it's my—"

    "DID I ASK YOU A QUESTION?!" he screamed. He pulled out a small leatherbound book and flipped it open. "Heeere we go!" he sneered, "Chief Inspector Vernon Solomon, Fifteenth Inner City.... Precinct..." The colour rapidly drained from the man's already-sickly face.

    "God fucking dammit, Headley!" a voice shouted from the sidewalk, "Can't I go one fucking day without having to live through an Innoxia satire?!"

    "S-Sarge!" he squeaked, "I thought—"

    A policewoman with short chestnut hair and a severe bubblegum deficit trudged over to the scene as the disgraced constable rapidly picked himself up. "The day you think, Headley, I have a special sticker to mark the calendar. Get back to the station—we'll discuss this properly later." Headley swiftly beat his retreat as other officers arrived on the scene. "You alright, sir?" she helped Vernon to his feet, dusting him off.

    "Yeah," he sighed, "Feels wrong to say I'm starting to get used to it."

    "So what's the situation?"

    "Two dead bodies, weapons on site. Clancy's on his way—"

    A shout sounded from around the corner. "THIS IS A MURDER SCENE?!"


    "...Both shots were administered point-blank in the chest," explained the fair-haired pathologist, whose delightfully British accent will no doubt lend abadly-needed air of sophistication to this series; "I'll need to do a proper autopsy to be sure, but my expectation is they succumbed to rapid blood loss."

    "When abouts d'you think they died?" asked Clancy, a young-yet-balding man who was trying for a Tacticool beard that was failing catastrophically.

    "That's the funny thing," she replied, "Rigor mortis is too far gone for this to have happened overnight."

    "The bodies were dumped?" mused Vernon.

    "Unless the witness from two doors down was lying," said Clancy.

    "I dunno, he seemed awfully specific about what he was doing to the van's tailpipe..."

    "...Do I want to know?" muttered the pathologist (whose name is Debbie).

    A swole man with a rugged beard dressed in a beige duster and matching fedora strode by. "Probably not," he stated, before continuing on.


    "What's more," Vernon continued, "These men didn't shoot each other."

    "How can you tell?" quizzed his sergeant.

    "Second man's left-handed. Wallet was in the left pocket."

    "Begging your pardon, sir, but that's not a lot to go on."


    "...So we can safely say Professor Devinshaw was left-handed," Clancy concluded, setting the forensic analysis on top of the interview notes with students and staff.

    "Which means the gun that killed Urquhart was planted." Vernon drummed his fingers on the desk's edge. "The question is, why make it look like they killed each other? I mean, sure, red herring and all that, but this was deliberate. There's gotta be more to it..."

    "I think Leines was lying when she said she couldn't think of a reason to kill Urquhart."

    "Why's that?"

    Clancy uncrossed his legs and leaned across the table, Leines' Twitter feed on his phone.

    Can't believe Barry's dead! Who on earth would want to kill him??

    Tho its pretty poetic, a good blue collar chap & an ivory tower egghead, opposite worlds, joined in death.

    And @ Kenny's of all places! Retro-diner style, great milkshakes (but they burn the rings 2 a crisp)

    Its like great food brings us together regardless of clan or creed, but u never know when a bite may b poison!

    Why does art have to be so sad??? :(

    Probably a bad time 2 mention I'm thinking of a new exhibition lol​

    Vernon stared at the screen for several moments. "Bring her in."
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  12. Larry Land Lord

    Larry Land Lord Well-Known Member Member

    Jan 7, 2017
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    shrek 2 is definitely one of my favorite movies
    in history
    hopefully they put it on D I S N E Y S T R E A M I N G S E R V I C E S

    you posted 2 great responses so unfortunately for you
    you can only receive 1 thumbs up hamster :'(
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    But the real mystery is how does Kenny's do its fish & chips??? :eek:

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