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Question Thread 123: Dolfuss Edition

Discussion in 'General Carnal Souls Discussion' started by daedaddy, Sep 17, 2020.


modern cc part 6: reputation

  1. your new in town, no one knows you.

  2. you dont have many friends, not very known at all.

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  3. you have a couple friends, some people might recognize you.

  4. your the average person, not too popular not too unknown.

  5. you have a lot of friends and are very well known.

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  6. you have a lot of internet presence.

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  7. your famous

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  1. daedaddy

    daedaddy Well-Known Member Member

    Jan 7, 2017
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    hello my beautiful darlings


    0. thoughts on video you picked?

    1. if you had to choose one thing for everyone to know you for

    2. say 1 nice thing about dolfuss
    considering dolfuss will probably be the only one to answer this, at least he gets to see the good in himself.

    3. would you describe yourself as passionate? why or why not and what for?

    4. what is one thing you strongly dislike and one thing you strongly like?

    5. is pedophilia a mental illness?

    6. if you were a master artist but only in fetish art, which fetish would you pick?

    Larry has left a note on your fancy super hero desk: "is it okay to want someone to change? or, should you accept someone for who they are? if people can change, should you wait for them? when letting someone back into your life, should you give them the benefit of the doubt or will a snake always be a snake? can someone be inherently or unchangeably bad?"

  2. Dolfuss

    Dolfuss Well-Known Member Member

    Aug 10, 2016
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    0. Of course a snake's a snake, but does being a snake necessarily make one a snake, ye ken? ;)

    Notwithstanding that one documentary about Truth In Animals In Films where Attenborough admits some segments are staged, I often wonder how field crews manage the macro shots.
    #10. tfw the cavalry arrives
    #9. ...Did you say leopard seal..?
    [spit out some food] [suffocate in a bottle]
    #7. Impersonating a chainsaw sounds funny until you realize why they're doing it. The Birds 2 when?
    #6. hermit crabs better recyclers than people
    #5. Hey, I've seen this one, it's a classic!
    #4. This gave me a proper runaround because I recognized the host, but I couldn't remember the name of his arctic wolf doc and spent an ungodly amount of time chasing the wrong series. (Snow Wolf Family & Me is Buchanan's doc.)
    #3. tfw they say animals don't have souls
    #2. wAlK wItHoUt RhYtHm, AnD iT wOn'T aTtRaCt ThE wOrM
    #1. I reiterate... ;)

    1. ...asking why this sentence is missing the interrogative clause?

    2. He's reliable at replying to question threads. :cool:

    3. I've taken to the streets in protest so I can definitely say I'm not an armchair politico. In fact, if you're ever feeling jaded about the democratic process, work at a poll station. I've scrutineered vote counts and it's a weirdly thrilling experience to be amidst the nuts and bolts.

    4. Wage slavery annnnnnnnd pizza.

    5. Medically? Yeah, and as I understand it the majority recognize it's a problem and just want a little empathy so they don't go completely insane bottling it up—even as prison rape jokes are getting binned, I've seen people literally use the pedo card to justify the Kenosha shootings. If you've ever watched M, a thematic find-and-replace turns it into a surprisingly effective vehicle for understanding the dilemma.

    That being said, the link between clinical pedophilia and actual child molesters is surprisingly weaker than one would assume: by and large, the former do the best to wall themselves off, while the latter essentially use it as cover. (Consider the ancient Greek tradition of pederasty: could anyone seriously argue that every Greek male flipped a switch upon seniority?) It's one of the reasons why (besides the obvious) the whole "Minor Attracted Person" movement is so dubious: using the smokescreen of mental health awareness to shield the genuine abusers by piggybacking off LGBTQ+ solidarity.

    6. TF and/or futa, not just because they're in the Top 5, but because if I could make my own I wouldn't have to bet on luck for the specific sort of pieces I like. tfw Larry dedicates a thread to you and doesn't spotlight either ;_;

    MAIN QUEST: Yes, yes, your call, depends on what's at stake etc., dunno about 'inherently' but again if the cost outweighs the return then you are not obligated. As the saying goes, insanity is repeating the same action and expecting a different result.

    ...Pizza's a vegetable, right? :rolleyes:
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