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September Update

Discussion in 'Updates' started by Benji, Sep 2, 2019.

  1. Benji

    Benji Director Staff Artist Writer

    Apr 4, 2016
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    Hey guys,

    Sadly not a lot I can bring to you this week. Most of our improvements since last time aren't things that can be shown with screenshots, and Crimson has had to focus on work a little more recently following their period of sickness in order to play catch-up. For myself I'll be needing to make more appointments as the new drug I was trialing has offered no improvements at all, only a lot of wooziness and fatigue.

    So, instead, I'll talk a bit about what our next objectives are. After a battery of design refinements to the map view to make it more usable and intuitive, the next goal is to make it possible to visit interiors for locations. This'll mean being able to visit shops, NPC's homes, temples, guildhouses, brothels, etc.

    As I think I mentioned before, I want to make it possible to be at a location as well as in a location. By that I mean standing on the doorstep to a locked building, perhaps to wait until it opens or in order to break in, or perform some action outside. This isn't difficult to do at all, Crimson just needs to focus on work for the time being, but hopefully we can get you guys some more juicy updates for the next one.

    If you guys have ideas for locations in Sunrest City like shops or establishments, I'd love to hear about them here.
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  2. Larry Land Lord

    Larry Land Lord Well-Known Member Member

    Jan 7, 2017
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    all of my ideas are increasingly more stupid, but i think you need the comic relief at a time like this :)
    shop #1 sells magic water but the water clears debuffs and keeps you hydrated
    shop #2 sells dirty porn mags, you can bang the shopkeep to get exclusive access to premium porn
    shop #3 is actually a church where you can worship the god of titties, the bigger your boobs the more goddess favor you have and your boob tease does more damage or something
    shop #4 is actually the church of booties who have been locked in an intense feud with the titties church, the smaller your boobs and the bigger your butt the more butt goddess favor you have
    shop #5 is in a dark alley, you have to answer 4 riddles perfectly to gain access to... the tf black market? where the most exotic should-be illegal potions are kept.
    shop #6 is a goblin broodmother who will pay you to get her pregnant since she immobilized herself with her own hyper pregnant curves. she'll still pay you even though shes already pregnant, since biology works like that she'll... get pregnant more? and the more babies you father eventually you unlock some preg fetish item of some sort.
    shop #7 is just a regular average casino
    shop #8 is just a regular average bar. but since adventurers are common bar-goers, a notice board is on the wall. you can take quest from there, and an anonymous person leaves questions there too.
    shop #9 bikini armor store, if your boobs are big enough you get cleavage bonus :O
    shop #10 right next to the bikini armor store, a totally not shady goth elf sells cursed armor for expensive prices.
    i just wanted to get to the number 10
    good luck with your real life struggles
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  3. Shadefalcon

    Shadefalcon Active Member Member

    Apr 7, 2016
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    Larry has lots of good ideas here so Im most likely just repeating them in one way or the other :p
    But a bar where you can talk with the locals. Make it pretty classic with some bartender offering ale and beer and some more finer stuff in the cellar. You know the kind of place with the name and a symbol on a metal or wooden piece hanging outside the location. Maybe have a hearthfire inside. Possibly some barmaids that are easy on the eyes and perhaps in the far future will be game for an adventurer daring enough to ask for some fun times.

    Possibly a brothel with exotic girls of all kinds. It doesnt look like a whorehouse though on the outside. And is of the more classy establishment. More courtesans in disguise than hookers at the front door.

    And guilds. Your lore reminds me of Terry Pratchett so some fun guilds would be a riot. Like the guild of thieves which you can pay not to mug you or the "seamstress" guild of ladies. Naturally you'd have to put your own spin on it to make it original, like f. ex. the tea leaf/party guild which provides tea, spices, herbs, girls ;) and more ahem exotic ways to spice your beverages, but I think it would be amusing.
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  4. Mirran

    Mirran Member Member

    Nov 9, 2018
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    Hi Benji!
    Your map of Sunrest City looks great as i have seen from previous posts. This circular architecture reminds me of that one from The i of the dragon game.
    I hope you won't end up with this treatment.....like Deadpool

    Have you thought about spa or bathhouse? Public/private baths, massages, mud baths, steam everywhere, .....
    Some of these actions could give you some temporary bonuses
    Also great place to meet a lot of characters. Maybe you can invite there some of your "friends" ? ;)
    Dijkstra would approve this idea.....:rolleyes:

    Of course you they are not. Your imagination is just endless :D Good thing....

    Exotic of all kinds you say.
  5. Farlun

    Farlun Well-Known Member Member

    Apr 11, 2016
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    So, what do you guys have ready and what's missing in order to get a demo build out?
  6. Dolfuss

    Dolfuss Well-Known Member Member

    Aug 10, 2016
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    When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like [a place to nail 95 theses].

    Just off the top:
    • Tanner (leather equipment/armour);
    • Armourer (metal armour);
    • Swordsmith (swords);
    • Poleturner (polearms);
    • General-purpose blacksmith (tools and such);
    • Fletcher (bows);
    • Tailor (non-leather clothes);
    • Alchemist (potions);
    • Herbalist/Apothecary (conventional medicine);
    • Market square for perennial stalls (farmers, buskers, travelling merchants);
    • As per Shadefalcon, inns/boardinghouses/brothels of varying prestige;
    • As per Mirran, public bathhouses (probably high-end neighbourhoods);
    • Also as per Shadefalcon, individual guild offices;
    • Banks/moneylenders;
    • Florist;
    • Library/Archivist;
    • Post office?
  7. Benji

    Benji Director Staff Artist Writer

    Apr 4, 2016
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    Mechanically I think we have almost everything we need designed both in concept and in code, but much of it needs to be rebuilt and optimised (as in, there's a lot made but in a proof-of-concept format). The only thing that's missing missing is writing, which I can start on in earnest in the not too distant future once we have working scenes and it can be tested.
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  8. Akhter13

    Akhter13 Active Member Member

    Apr 10, 2016
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    Location suggestions
    • Guard/watch post
    • fountains [the poor need water]
    • alms houses / hospitals
    • revenue/custom house
    • temples
    • theater
    • gambling establishments
    • barbers/beauty saloon
    • gaol / gallows
    • slave pit
    • pawn merchants

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